We had quite a good attendance for the day (20) even though it rained out the afternoon and the Scout Hall was being used. Yes we did survive but it was dampish.


Ray Parrinder a long time member and steam engine punk head attended today to say hello, He is now in a retirement home and away from his beloved steam locos and radios so his daughters brought him to the club for a visit and he wants to come back in a few weeks at our last Saturday for the year.

Jim Kelly was there as well and good to see him again and hopefully in the near future I will help him raise up a new antenna so he can get on the regular club nets again

Glenn Dunstan VK4DU the President of RASA joined us on Saturday for our meeting, gave us a quick overview of RASA and Amateur Radio.

The RASA web site is: https://vkradioamateurs.org/

Other Items

We also discussed again the need to get internet into the shack asap, and that is under way currently so expect some more news this week.

We have already requested a frequency pair for the new DMR repeater. Glenn said it might be advantageous for us to suggest a pair that the Allocation Officer can look at so if you have some suggestions please forward to me ASAP.

Les Neilson. VK4LEZ
BARC President