We had a pretty good day on Saturday with around 20 members in attendance, and just a little taste of heat.

Our Les is still in hospital with no change so far and any updates we receive I will pass on directly to you.

Following is news on some of the activities we got up to this time

Old Radio Gear

There wasn’t really any stuff of use for the present day radio buff but members had a pick over it and what is left will end up in the Ewaste recycling store very soon.

Big thanks go to Norm. Noel and Rod for collecting it. Even if we didn’t get much out of it we helped out a fellow ham gone Silent Key.

New server cabinet

This was quickly installed and fitted out with the 70cm repeater and cavities resplendent with brand new high quality cables and looks the part like it should have always been there. Very Neat indeed.

Updating Retevis

Leigh updated members Retevis radios with a contact plug that displays senders details on the LCD screen, and even got my malfunctioning radio going again, Yahoo!

Updating Tait radio next Saturday Meeting

Plans are in place for you to bring your 70cm Tait to reprogram it with the new VK4RMC frequencies and tone, so if like come along and get your radio updated.

BARC advertising

BARC advertising was mentioned at Teleconference for future events, I got the mothballed BARC advertising out for a look and first (vinyl) is just bin-worthy.

The second is cloth based with just our name on it and is quite usable.

Thrid needs a little trim and edit to make it more presentable and usable.

However briefly mentioned there are merits for printing up business card size BARC promo with our contact details all over it.

New Repeater testing and full net night

Please if you can check out the new Mt Cootha (VK4RMC) repeater frequencies and test it this week for on Wednesday night we will try it out see net details.

Les Neilson. VK4LEZ
BARC President