We had a windy day but good to see all the members and two new ones who attended as well around 18 bodies in all.

Demonstration of “Allstar”

Glen VK4PK demonstrated another analogue digital hybrid radio that uses the world wide PABX system to transfer signals around the globe - very interesting.

Glen will share with members his interface/node in the future so you will get to know how it works first hand Stand by for more news soon and yes it will be on the next Zoom meeting agenda as there is much to talk about

Club Internet

The Internet connection, is a sticking point as to how we get it to perform better for all the tasks and projects we want it to discussed a few viable options for going forward and will keep you posted on outcomes and ideas before we make the leap.

DMR Repeater

The DMR repeater is getting its legs early with offers of assistance with paired frequencies and repeater gear etc, and would be criminal to deny it an early existence as we had gazetted it to next year, Oh Dear.

Shack Refurbish

We are starting to refurbish the shack with some improvement to the tower mast end.

Bob VK4BXI has supplied the 70cm cavities for the 70cm repeater and they do work we tested.

Very soon we will remove the desk and tool gear and place the book case on the wall horizontally underneath that we will place a Ikea 8 cube unit as storage and use it as a work bench top.

The new cavities will be installed beside the current server cabinet on a shelving unit supplied by Ashley VH4ASH temporarily to get it working. However it would be advantageous to have another server cabinet ready for all our future projects which are multiplying.

We are looking for a new server rack to compliment our old one. Do you know of any going to waste? It is a 19 in standard rack at full height. We would like a free one :) or at least low cost.

Repeaters I-Dents Confirmation

Leigh Hall VK4LAH confirms our old 70cm repeater does use an ident program and it is transmitted in CW he knows this because he has heard it transmitted.

The 2M repeater has an I-Dent program and it is transmitted in voice. At this time if there is an ongoing QSO, it will take precedence over the QSO or as others have coined it, stomp on their transmission.

It may be down to firmware as there is no menu item to change it will keep you posted. PS has it worked previously by co-voicing on transmission in the recent past?

Steppir Mast

Was too windy again to drop the mast but I got the wire pulley installed and ready to use, now to get the other end up the tower mast ASAP.

Storage Rooms

Clean up of storage rooms planned for late October and/or early Nov. We will tackle the blue room storage room and remove everything to tables to sort out what we really have.

We will endeavor to keep what we will use and dispose of firstly to members and the remainder to junk to recyclers and out of our hair.

It has been in their several years and needs going over for currency. If possible I would like to complete both rooms on the same day which means we have a lot of electronic and radio parts in the other shed to accommodate for the future of the club so more talking before we get there for ideas to plan for it and we should assign individuals to look after certain gear and parts.

Volunteers needed.

Les Neilson. VK4LEZ
BARC President