Our Club entry into DMR started with a member presentation on all Digital Radio modes and after some discussion we settled on DMR and in particular Retevis RT3S handheld radios to make our way into this Network.

Our information on this page will be based on these radios specifically but most of the information will still apply to other types of radios.

https://vkdmr.com/programming-your-radio To program your own code plug from scratch you will need to understand a few basic principles that are explained on this website

For club members to all be on the same level of operation we have provided a code plug/config file to get started with and you will need your own radio id to make it go see this website https://www.radioid.net

Retevis RT3s Club Plug

Curent File: BARC_ver1.8.0.rdt
Updated: 2023-03-01

Please ensure you set your Radio ID, Radio Name, and customise your Intro Screen Lines.

(We suggest you use your call sign in the intro lines so everyone can identify who owns any random radio left floating around the club!)

The BARC plug is based on seven local Sth East Qld repeaters with the usual talk groups attached with additional analogue 70cm/2m repeaters etc.

A long push of buttons above or below the PTT will change the repeater zone and then twist of the top knob to tune into popular talk groups make it an easy way to operate efficiently.

If updated we will change the version number so you know if you have the latest version into the future.

Also should we in future publish other config versions they will be based on other repeaters that we may wish to use inside Australia or Worldwide.

You are encouraged to modify and add to this file as your preferences lead you, but then you own it and this one will remain should you ever need it again.

Enjoy your radio.

VKDMR Hotspot Setup

Michael Lanagan (VK4MWL) has pulled together a great guide to DMR hotspots and how to set yours up.

Curent File: VKDMR_Hotspot_Setup_v1.3.pdf

DMR Articles

Introduction to DMR

less than 1 minute read

Many BARC memebers have decided to investigate DMR. This series of articles will form a knoweldge base for members and other new to this part of Ham radio.

It’s your hobby so get active and turn your radio on