Australian and International Amateur Radio Organisations

Australian Communications and Media Authority

The ACMA administers radio spectrum licensing in Australia and so manages the licensing of Amateur Radio.

Antenna Sites


Helpful sites to look up other Amateur call signs


Club Stations

Educational Sites

Magazines & Technical Information

Digital & Packet Radio

  • PC FlexNet [times out?] Get on to packet with 3 components and a sound card. Excellent!

  • Packet Gateways Internet to Packet telnet links.

  • Peak Systems [times out?] The home of G4IDE’s WinPack packet radio software

  • SV2AGW Home of another excellent packet driver using your sound card

  • FreeDV A free open-source digital voice mode

Personal Pages

Homebrewing and Modifications

Satellites and Space

  • AMSAT The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation Australian site

  • Dave Ransom Software Home Pages STS Orbit Plus

  • SETI The SETI League is a non-profit organization Searching for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence.