We had a fruitful day spent at the shack. There was DMR presentation by Leigh and Laurence, and work on the 70cm repeater noise issue.

70cm Repeater

Firstly the 70cm repeater was to test our equipment to see if any of that is faulty or not. Once this is established we can look further afield.

Well we did find a couple of faults that do have the potential to cause problems

  • Duplexer was tested and came up fantastic. However in the re-installation process the centre BNC fitting was found to be faulty but usable. However to change it out is a bit of a process so
  • Bob VK4BXI volunteered to upgrade to 70cm cavities that may take a month or so to complete but will give superior performance
  • The current repeater was then shown to produce some interference and Ashley VK4ASH has taken it away to inspect its general condition and the power transformer and see if we can use it on 12V instead if that is the problem
  • Old Icom 70cm has been installed and tested up okay for working, this will be monitored during the week to find out if our interference has changed or wonderfully gone

Exciting isn’t it and I am looking forward to the real issue revealing itself in time so we can make plans to eradicate or silence it from our repeaters.

Presentation on DMR Basic operation

Leigh and Laurence cooperated on a presentation for members to show to load up your first code plug or config files we have decided to use Laurence file going forward as the standard BARC loading file.

Then using the software program to understand what you have in there and how your radio finds them and how to save the latest version some tips of adding talk groups.

The DMR Easy Guide is still in production and will include some screen grabs from today’s presentation and yes we will put it up on the BARC website too.


Ashley Roll VK4ASH provided the following you tube explaining wave behaviour in a really cool mechanical analogue. Introduces all the concepts we use in radio, but visually. So enjoy at your leisure:

Renato VK4TNT has also supplied a document on how 5G technology works which was distributed to club members by email.

Les Neilson. VK4LEZ
BARC President