We are returning to our regular face-to-face meetings at the shack. The first meeting will be 27th June at 1:00PM.

As Queensland’s COVID-19 restrictions are eased, we have decided to start meeting again. We will be looking to follow the Scouts lead on social distancing rules.

Les, our president will take us through the requirements when we arrive. We will also need to maintain attendance records to assist with contact tracing for COVID-19.

Wednesday 9th September net will move to 2M for at least this week as we will probably have the diplexer out for testing this week will give you an update on Thursday night net

Hopefully will have a first edition how to for Dummies by Wed night distributed to you ready to play with on your radio for Thursday night

As this is our first draft it will be edited and finalised and once that is done it will by published on BARC Website in pdf form

We had a good Teleconference last week we got through club activities first and spent the rest of time on DMR

This week we will again focus on other club matters first before we dive into DMR this week which is the hot topic at the moment it will be getting started with your radio handheld so bring your problems issues and we shall discuss over Zoom

Our Monday night club DMR net was also a good one where we got to discuss other DMR activities with around 11 participants joining in the Net

Saturday Meeting this weekend on the 12th Sept starting at 1pm Check out the Club calendar on our website link and bookmark it for easy find and use it is filled out til the end of this year