Our Rochedale repeaters are operated by the Brisbane Amateur Radio Club and located at the Rochedale Scout Hall in 20 Rochedale Road, Rochedale, servicing the Greater Brisbane area. Currently under construction will be our 70cm DMR repeater built for Qld

DMR Repeater

Our New Motorola repeater operates from Rochedale To set your radio to operate successfully on the following frequencies

to :isten on RX 438.725 and to Transmit on TX 431.725


Our New 70cm repeater VK4RMC operates from Mt Cootha at the frequencies below. Our repeaters can be accessed via EchoLink if you currently have access so please try it out

Andrew VK4QF has kindly donated the repeaters operational capabilities to BARC for club use. Andrew will continue to maintain and service the repeater into the future.

Who is Andrew you might ask? Well he is the man behind many 2m and 70cm repeaters in Qld. He designed and installed the 2m linked repeater system – 6 by 2m repeaters at Springbrook, Cootha, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Bunya Mountains and Warwick. These are all linked together and provide tremendous coverage over SE Qld

  • Output Frequency: 439.975 MHz
  • Input Frequency: 434.975 MHz (standard -5MHz offset)
  • Mode: Frequency Modulation
  • 91.5 CTCSS Tone


Our repeaters can be accessed via EchoLink if you currently have access so please try it out

Our 2 Metre Repeater operates at the frequencies below.

  • Output Frequency: 147.925 MHz
  • Input Frequency: 147.325 MHz
  • No CTCSS tone is required to access the repeater at the test site.

Parrot Repeater (recorder)

A parrot repeater 145.225MHz FM with 3 minute record time has been sent up at Rochedale early October 2017

You can use this repeater to test your radios on and compare the difference between them and/or understand how that radio sounds to other listeners

Operational details - The parrot repeater utilises narrow deviation FM

  • Most new transceivers are narrow band ( low deviation)
  • If using with a wide band transmission, talk softly and it will be okay.
  • If you still have distortion you could adjust the deviation control on a wide band transmission until it sounds okay.

WSPR Beacon

BARC has joined the International WSPR Beacon Project to establish the largest HF Beacon Network around the globe which is currently in progress

WSPR Beacon Transmitter has been installed at Rochedale Qld with LPFs for the 80,40,30,20,17,15,12 and 10m Bands

Why use a WSPR Beacon? Behind the curtains the project is starting to discuss ways to analyze the data derived from all the global WSPR Beacons. Seems like we can get some BigData Analytics cracks aboard to correlate Solar indices and Ionospheric Key figures with the Beacon Data with the help of Machine Learning algorithms. Eventually leading to better HF propagation forecasting.

Remember it’s your hobby so get active and turn your radio on