There are Five Weekly Evening Nets two on Monday DMR 7pm & 8pm, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and three week-day morning nets, starting at 8am Monday, Wednesday and Friday run by the Brisbane Amateur Radio Club members.

All licensed amateurs are welcome to join us.

DMR Monday evening Net

A Digital net is run on VK-DMR each Monday night at 7:00PM onwards to 8pm.

Using your Hopspot or your local repeater the talk group is TG “5”

Our New Motorola repeater is now fully installed and operating

set your radio to listen to 438.725 and transmit on 431.725 to work the repeater correctly

HF Monday evening Net

An HF net is run on each Monday night at 8:00PM onwards.

We have two Frequencies rotating as follows

First is 3.630MHz and the modulation mode is LSB or SSB run on 1st and 3rd & 5th when needed Mondays

Second is 28.450 on 2nd and Fourth Mondays

This net is run by members who will use VK4RMC 70cm repeater as a secondary communication Channel to set everyone up

Note that horizontally polarised antennas are being used.

Directional, vertically polarised antennas may not be suitable.

UHF Wednesday Evening Net

A net is held on UHF on Wednesday evenings from 8:00PM onwards on the Mount Cootha repeater.

Adjust your radio to RX 439.975 TX 434.975 Tone 91.5 or access Echolink VK4BA-R

UHF Friday Evening Net

A net is held on UHF on Fridayday evenings from 8:00PM onwards on the Mount Cootha repeater.

Adjust your radio to RX 439.975 TX 434.975 Tone 91.5

6M Evening Net

An HF net is run on each Sunday night at 8:00PM onwards.

Simplex Frequency on FM 53.525MHz

Vertical Polarised Antennas

VHF Morning Nets

Morning nets are also held on the club VHF repeater.and all visitors are welcome

Our nets are held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 8:00AM.

It is now operating on our 2 metre repeater to assist members to test out their radios and the ability to trigger the repeater from their home or mobile station

Set your radio to transmit on 147.325MHz and receive on 147.925MHz or access Echolink and select VK4BA-L

No CTCSS tone is required.

Remember it’s your hobby so get active and turn your radio on

Congratulations on being a Net Controller

Ensure you have a pen and paper for your log to write call order and other relevant information , have water, food or anything else you need to have during the entire net and don’t forget to have fun

  1. Announce the beginning of the net is about to commence
  2. Announce your name and call sign and that you are the Net controller for this BARC net and doubts should be relayed back to you for comment and or remedy
  3. Announce you are ready to receive callers and that they should state their call sign and name
  4. Write in your log of all of the call signs until silence is heard
  5. Then rehearse your list to the callers to affirm all callers and the net order
  6. You can then ask for any more callers to identify before you start the net
  7. Start the net with the first caller and proceed through the callers to the end of the first over
  8. you can now pause to ask for any more callers
  9. add any callers to the list announcing it to the group
  10. continue on through the overs as above until the end of the net pausing at your over to request any more callers
  11. Announce the final over and invite closing comments
  12. Thank everyone for their participation and officially close the net to the group

Running Notes

listen for specific questions asked from individuals and remind the group when you can

jump in and rehearse or reinstate the order of callers when needed

catch all late net callers and slot them at the end of the net over

remind callers to keep a silent space between each other so the repeater resets when necessary

Have fun it’s a learning experience that will be good for you