There are Three Weekly Evening Nets all starting at 8pm Monday, Wednesday and Sunday and three week-day morning nets, starting at 8am Monday, Wednesday and Friday run by the Brisbane Amateur Radio Club members.

All licensed amateurs are welcome to join us.

DMR Monday evening Net

A Digital net is run on each Monday night at 7:00PM onwards to 8pm.

Using a local repeater the talk group is TG “5”

HF Monday evening Net

An HF net is run on each Monday night at 8:00PM onwards.

Frequency is 29.100MHz and the modulation mode is FM

This net is run by Les VK4SO from Wishart.

Note that vertically polarised antennas are being used.

Directional, horizontally polarised antennas may not be suitable.

UHF Wednesday Evening Net

A net is held on UHF on Wednesday evenings from 8:00PM onwards on the club repeater.

The signal is frequency modulated at 439.95MHz with negative offset.

That is to say you should transmit on 434.95MHZ and receive on 439.95MHz.

6M Evening Net

An HF net is run on each Sunday night at 8:00PM onwards.

Simplex Frequency on 53.525MHz

VHF Morning Nets

Morning nets are also held on the club UHF repeater.and all visitors are welcome

Our nets are held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 8:00AM.

It is now operating on our 2 metre repeater to assist members to test out their radios and the ability to trigger the repeater from their home or mobile station

Set your radio to transmit on 147.325MHz and receive on 147.925MHz

No CTCSS tone is required.