Office Bearers 2019/2020

Office Bearer
President Les Neilson VK4LEZ
Vice President Vacant
Secretary Norm Bergen VK4ANB
Assistant Secretary Vacant
Treasurer Kevin Dibble VK4ZR
Librarian Vacant
Webmaster Ashley Roll VK4ASH
Providor Noel Fogarty VK4FAFG
NET Manager Les Parker VK4SO
Repeater Officer Kevin Dalton VK4WA
Repeater Manager Jan Oksiuta VK4EBP
Project Co-ordinator Les Neilson VK4LEZ
Awards and QSL Manager Vacant
Publicity / Liason Officer Les Neilsen VK4LEZ
WICEN Vacant
Club Newsletter Les Neilson VK4LEZ
Club Equipment Officer Kevin Dibble VK4ZR
Accredited Examiners Doug Baker VK4DMB
Accredited Learning Facilitator Jan Oksiuta VK4EBP
BARCfest Organiser Committee


Committee positions are elected at the Annual General Meeting which is held in May or June of each year.