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Australian Communications and Media Authority

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Club Stations.

Educational Sites.

E-zines, Magazines & Technical information.

Digital & Packet Radio Sites.

  • PC FlexNet Get on to packet with 3 components and a sound card. Excellent!
  • Packet Gateways Internet to Packet telnet links.
  • Peak Systems The home of G4IDE's WinPack packet radio software
  • SV2AGW Home of another excellent packet driver using your sound card
  • FreeDV A free open-source digital voice mode

Personal Pages.

Homebrewing and Modifications.

Satellites and Space.

  • AMSAT The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation Australian site
  • Dave Ransom Software Home Pages STS Orbit Plus
  • SETI The SETI League is a non-profit organization Searching for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence.

Unsorted Links.


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