Our Repeaters VK4RBA

Our repeaters are operated by the Brisbane Amateur Radio Club and located at the Rochedale Scout Hall in 20 Rochedale Road, Rochedale, servicing the Greater Brisbane area.

Our 70cm repeater operates at the frequencies below. Please forward all signal reports to Kevin VK4ZR

  • Output Frequency: 439.950 MHz
  • Input Frequency: 434.950 MHz (standard -5MHz offset)
  • Mode:Frequency Modulation
  • No CTCSS Tone


Our 2 Metre Repeater frequencies are 147.925 (repeater output) and 147.325 (repeater receive). We now have a station licence on these frequencies. No CTCSS tone is required to access the repeater at the test site.

Parrot Repeater (recorder)

Currently offline with some hardware issues and other band issues 

A parrot repeater 146.425mhz with 3 minute record time has been sent up at Rochedale early October 2017

You can use this repeater to test your radios on and compare the difference between them and/or understand how that radio sounds to other listeners

Operational details - The parrot repeater utilises narrow deviation FM 

  •  Most new transceivers are narrow band ( low deviation)
  • If using with a wide band transmission, talk softly and it will be okay.
  •  If you still have distortion you could adjust the deviation control on a wide band transmission until it sounds okay.

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