Office Bearers 2017/18

  • President: Les Neilson VK4FAEB
  • Vice President:Vacant
  • Secretary: 
  • Assistant Secretary:
  • Treasurer: Kevin Dibble VK4ZR
  • Librarian: Vacant
  • Webmaster: Vacant
  • Providor: Vacant 
  • Station Managers:
    • 10m (HF): Les Parker VK4SO
    • 70cm (UHF): Les Parker VK4SO
    • 2M (VHF) Les Parker VK4SO
  • Repeater Officer: Kevin Dalton VK4WA
  • Repeater Manager: Jan Oksiuta VK4EBP
  • Project Co-ordinators: Les Neilson VK4FAEB
  • Awards and QSL Manager:
  • Publicity: Liason Officer: Les Neilsen VK4FAEB
  • WICEN: Vacant
  • Club Newsletter: Les Neilson
  • Club Equipment Officer: Kevin Dibble VK4ZR
  • WIA Accredited Examiners: Vacant
  • WIA Accredited Learning Facilitator Vacant
  • BARCfest Organiser: Committee


Committee positions are elected at the Annual General Meeting which is held in May of each year.

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