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The Brisbane Amateur Radio Club Inc, formed in 1977, is an active Amateur Radio group for those who have an interest in radio communications and electronics in all its various forms.

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Recent RASA news email

ACMA amends amateur LCD Foundation Licencees gain digital privileges
The ACMA have amended the amateur LCD as a result of their recent public consultation.

The changes include:

• Digital modes for Foundation Licencees (FL)
• Removal of the requirement for FLs to use commercial equipment
• A general relaxation of the emission bandwidths for all classes of licence.

There are no changes to output power or bands.

The changes took effect on 21st September and may be viewed here:

A detailed explanation of the changes may be viewed here:

These new privileges illustrate the value of representation; the changes were requested by RASA, the WIA and the vast majority of submissions to ACMA’s recent consultation paper.  

Meaningful representation is even more important.  RASA was the only association to survey the amateur radio sector directly, illustrating that 85% of respondents supported these changes.

We hear F calls already enjoying FT8 and DMR contacts!  To all our F calls; welcome to the world of digital amateur radio. 


New Licence conditions underway for 2019 please read further on the link

Check out our helpful links to assist you to understand the exam requirements Exams

We plan to start Foundation and Standard Licence training in the New Year of 2017

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Club Meetings

2019 is the year of the Shack when we start to fully realise all the potential we have with the assets

Meeting dates for 2019


Friday September 13        Social Night - 7:30pm
Saturday September 28   Project Day - 12 noon


Friday October 11            Social Night 7:30 pm
JOTA Saturday  October 19    morning to afternoon
Saturday October 26        Project Afternoon - 12 noon


Friday November 8       Social/Business Meeting - 7:30pm
Saturday November 23    Project Day - 12 noon


Friday December 13      Social Night - 7:30pm
Sunday December 15     Xmas party- 12 noon


First two meetings to set up how to use the HF radios on site and do some real time DX ing for members



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Project Saturday September 28 2019
Lower Yagi and Tower phase one - removal
Phase two Reconstruction and Erection 
Erection location is to be decided with some options open already, but more discussion will be had before a final decision on its home is made
Rotator will most likely be replaced but after inspection of course as it is making uncomfortable noises in operation at present
The antenna will be thoroughly cleaned and polished before erection and a testing regime once completed before final installation
Steppir Yagi
Planning is beginning about its planned location and construction
it is in pieces and will need careful construction on site, then lifted into place immediately ready to operate
however some prior work tasks need to be completed before then 
Tower prepared and tilt capabilities of gentle lift completed
Cabling completed and connected to Shack control box
Testing regime once completed and in place
GAP Titan antenna donation
We have plans to erect this antenna on the roof of the shack in the middle and I have the hardware to install the mounting pole firstly and then the bigger project to reconstruct the antenna and to remount on the pole
Current projects in conception stage
Talk timer for repeaters
We are looking for a self build project to time our talk time on when using repeaters
Graham is looking at the UK kit that uses antenna wire to trigger timer.
Ashley is looking at at timer that works on current draw from your power supply when keying up the tx
The finished project will have led traffic lights signalling a count down to finally a buzzer
this will help with repeater net overs to beat the repeater cut off time before it triggers
maybe a on\off switch too haha
Over voltage protection on Project Saturday 27 August

Well we had quite a turn up to be involved in the Overvoltage Crowbar project that will protect your radio from over voltage in a fraction of a second. blowing a fuse rather than your radio components
Ashley had designed the boards and supplied the parts as well, we had quite a few members who soldered up their projects on the day and get them tuned into the correct voltage protection
I had the privilege of having Emily daughter of Ashley construct my project herself and tuned by Ashley
All I had to do is set up the power leads at home which is now ready to go woo hoo
There are six kits left after our first day and we will see who is still interested in building one
if you wish to look at the instructions follow this link…/HamProjects/…/master/psu-crowbar
I bought two for the club shack and power supplies now to get someone to build them hmmmmm
was a good day all round




Fundraising  BBQ at Bunning’s Underwood 

has been requested for 2019 a committee to form once date has been offered and we start to plan

RASA is a new amateur radio representative body and they had talks with ACMA on our behalf, please click on the following link to find out the details



Jota 2019

Will be the year of the kit soldering as it was the surprise hit for Scouts in 2018, we will ramp up to roll out some more simple circuits to solder and desolder for Scouts

 BARC Shack


  • Plans underway to organise the radios, power supplies and antenna switching so that they are ready to use always

Antenna Mast

  • is in operation now for both repeaters
  • the remaining 3 antennas will be terminated with fittings and plumbed into the shack for use at our next field day
  • Security fence has been installed around the tower

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